Do you wanna get drunk and stay the night?

About Us

Walk of Shame Uniform is ironically inspired by that morning situation that we all have experienced at least once (if not better get a date for this weekend and do it fast!)

We call it a walk of shame but we know that when a girl or a guy actually find themselves in this situation they feel somehow cool, proud, cocky.
Is a walk of shame really something to be ashamed of or instead a runway that boosts our self-confidence?
We provide the uniforms for those kinds of surreal mornings or just for any kind of lazy morning in which you don't want to talk to anybody but you actually want to show them all how cool you are.

Our idea is the perfect mix of opposites, it’s humor translated into clothing: simple designs and loud sentences; comfy clothes for uncomfy mornings; selected fabrics for random one-night stand partners; a-gendered clothes; shame and pride- all in one Uniform.